Content Upload

Your movie at Gasteig

Technical Specifications for Gasteig Screeners

Important: We need your film at least 14 days before your screening!

Accepted formats:

  • ProRes HQ422 upload (preferred)

  • DCP (upload or on physical data) (preferred)

  • DNXHD upload

  • Containers: .mov, .mxf

  • .H.264 upload

  • BluRay/DVD

File Upload via Filemail

File Upload via Dropbox – please contact us


H.264 Content:

Please note:

  • Audio, video and subtitles must be contained in a single file and the file size should not exceed 15 GB.

  • Please submit HD material in the mp4 format (H.264, AAC, Stereo).

  • Please encode your video data with a constant bitrate and either 24, 25 or 30 progressive frames per second.

  • The file name must not include any special characters or blank spaces. Please do not use any file names like “myfilm! @&%$§ *().mp4”. We recommend to use a short file name consisting of few characters only. Please use the Latin alphabet.

To ensure a high technical quality, the following settings for file compression are suggested:

  • Size / aspect ratio: 1920 x 1080 px / 16:9 HD

  • Video codec / bit rate: H.264 high profile / 10.000 Kbit/s

  • Audio codec / bit rate: AAC / 320 Kbit/s, sampling rate 48 kHz

If your film is available in a different file format, a conversion to H.264 is recommended. Files can be converted by the open source (GPLv2) software "HandBrake" for example, which is available for all major operating systems.

For questions concerning the file upload please contact us here.



We only accept content that is fully DCI/SMPTE compliant.

It is strongly recommended to commission a professional service provider to create the DCP. Please do not send untested DCP's that have not been approved by a DCP mastering facility.


Data Media:

If you wish to submit a DCP on a physical data carrier please note that the hard drive should contain a standard “MBR” partition table. This is meant to specifically exclude “GPT”, “BSD”, and other partition table types. The MBR partition table shall contain one and only one partition record. The single partition record shall be the first Primary partition record. The partition identifier shall be 0x83, indicating a Linux native partition. The distribution media partition shall be formatted in either the EXT2 or the EXT3 format. When the file system is formatted, the inode size shall be set to 128 bytes. EXT3 is preferred.


We prefer unencrypted content. If your DCP is encrypted, (D)KDMs need to be uploaded too. Should you prefer issuing single KDMs, please inform us in time.


Here you can find the updated projector/server data for the DCI equipment in Gasteig HP8 Projektor.



  • Hard Drive: USB 3.0 or CRU hard drive (SSD preferred)

  • Linux formatted (ext2/ext3)

  • Naming: DCP Naming - We can only accept DCPs that follow the latest ISDCF DCP Naming Convention (Version 9.7.0).

  • Image: Image Size : HD, Full, Flat or Scope (2K or 4K)

  • Encoding: JPEG 2000 (variable bitrate preferred)

  • Bitrate: <= 250 MBit/s

  • Sound: Audio Format 2.0 and 5.1

  • Subtitles: Format - We prefer subtitles to be burned into the picture but XML and PNG subtitles are also accepted.

Delivery Address:


Screeners that are not submitted via digital file transfer should be sent to the following address:

Pegasus51 GbR

Isartorplatz 2

80331 München

Film-Upload by Filemail here: